Where do we go (FREE) from here 2020?

How can it possibly be the end of September 2020? In some ways, we feel like someone pushed a large “pause” button on reality and we have been waiting for movement. This must be how an animal feels like a new season dawns and it’s time to wake from a period of hibernation. As far as I am aware the human race has never really hibernated and yet now we find ourselves emerging from lockdown, as if from hibernation, into a confusing world with a new and different set of rules and regulations.

One thing we are certain of is that we need to get our businesses back up and running, safely, efficiently, successfully and most of all, fast! As a Serviced Office provider, we have seen a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly over the past 6 months. Some of our clients have thrived, some have ticked over, some have hibernated and furloughed their staff and sadly some have not survived. We and our clients are grateful for the available financial support and we have actively encouraged our clients to seek help where it is available. We find ourselves coming to the end of the financial support period, the furlough scheme is due to end soon and loan repayments will soon be on the minds of those who availed themselves of that opportunity.

My local gym re-opened recently and I was one of those uncertain about the environment and the booking restrictions and I “hibernated” my membership for the first few weeks to see what others would make of the new rules. Many members did the same thing and now I have re-joined I find that the gym and other gyms have lost an awful lot of their clients because people are saving money, working out at home, have discovered the outdoors (Winter is coming…) and some have used this opportunity to cancel a membership they weren’t using anyway! The good news is that there are thousands of people out there who discovered fitness during the lockdown and they are keen to sign up alongside lots of existing clients like me who just needed to experience the new environment to decide to recommit.

This is I feel, a scenario that can be attributed to many of our businesses, offices, premises etc. We have been told to stay home, stay safe, save lives and one cannot help but be slightly nervous about returning to the very things and places that we have been encouraged to avoid.

One thing I am certain of is that I am looking forward to real contact with real people again! Zoom, Skype and Team meetings online have been superb for catching up and to some extent have kept us sane, but as human beings, our need is great for real contact, the opportunity to observe body language and to engender proper team spirit again.

At Mantle, we have a large conference centre within our Indigo House building. It has its own entrance, parking, toilet facilities, kitchen facilities and is clean, airy, spacious and here is the best bit, FREE, for your first booked post lockdown meeting of 2020. Where’s the catch I hear you ask? Well, there actually isn’t one! We are keen for you to experience our space and get your team together, so keen we will even throw in the teas and coffees, you will have to make them yourselves but everything you need to do that will be provided.

Our conference centre can hold over 100 people on a normal day, your meeting could be as small as 2, Boris would recommend a maximum of 30 for the time being. It doesn’t even have to be a meeting, what about a social with your team in a safe environment (you’re providing the beers though!) or a brainstorming session?

Whatever type of getting together you need to organise we would welcome the opportunity to host you at our Mantle Indigo Conference Centre. Contact us on 01189778599 or info@mantleltd.com to discuss your booking now, we look forward to interacting with you soon!

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