10 Power-Boosting Energy Tips for the Office

There will always be days when you haven’t had enough sleep or stress is wearing you down. Some days, you can’t even pinpoint the reason why your energy seems so low. It sounds like a strange parallel, but just like investment markets or sales, your body’s energy is cyclical and needs to be managed effectively, rather than just hoping for the best. Don’t go reaching for the Red Bull without reading these vital tips on how to manage your energy levels as well as you manage your monthly targets:


  1. Glug Water: In short- no, you’re not too busy to hydrate! Two thirds of our bodies are made up of water and H2O is required by every organ we have. So much ‘tiredness’ is actually just dehydration. Revive yourself in exactly the same way as watering a wilting plant. This will also help your body absorb all the nutrients from your food. Water removes toxins, leaving us less susceptible to falling ill. Aside which, to boost your brainpower at work, you’ll need water- a huge 95% of our brain is made up of this vital substance. Remember that when you feel thirsty it’s too late- you’re already dehydrated! Get at least 8 glasses of fluid a day and if you don’t like the taste of water, find a way to make it more palatable by adding a splash of juice, squash, mint or herbal tea.


  1. Power Naps: For starters, work out your optimum hours of nightly sleep (probably 6-8) and ensure you get them! Most people suffer an energy slump in the early afternoon and lots of those people swear by a short mid-day snooze to revive their energy levels. The recent drive to home working at least part-time has allowed us opportunities to restructure our day a bit to fit in a power nap (or quiet time) if needed.


  1. Move It: The more exercise you incorporate into your life, the better you will sleep at night. If you’re already a keen exerciser, don’t stop reading now- you too can make positive changes by switching your after-work routine to a powerful early morning session, and adding more cardio. Do this at least a couple of times a week. For the rest of you, adding exercise will boost rather than deplete your energy levels. Exercise helps to relieve tension and makes you more alert, mentally as well as physically. It literally ‘conditions’ your body and mind. If the idea scares you,  or you can’t see how you’d fit it into your busy life, remember that something as basic as a walk around the block for 10-15 minutes at lunchtime can have a long-lasting effect, boosting your heart and lungs, and helping you fight fatigue. We all know we should aim for 10,000 steps every day but the average office worker barely reaches 3,000, and many of you reading may only cover 900 today! The summer (we think it might be here already?) is the best time to get into the habit.  Buy a pedometer or use the fitness function or an app on your smartphone to log the steps you take every day, setting targets as you go. And it’s a cliché, but unless you’re injured you should be using the stairs!


  1. Get Sociable: It’s important to take a break from our work sometimes to rejuvenate our minds and recharge our batteries on the positivity we feel by talking and sharing experiences with others. Especially important after the drain of this last year locked away at home. You will find that if you work in a bigger office these conversation breaks will come naturally and frequently, as if we are all feeding a need within ourselves. But if you work alone or in a home office you could easily become so absorbed in work that you miss these important breaks. For one or two days it won’t matter, but make a habit of it and your productivity will suffer as your thinking becomes staid. Try to find a way to incorporate conversation into your working day by making time for some social chat with a client or supplier. One word of warning: conversation is just an exchange of energy, so be careful to interact with people who balance the flow of energy with an equal and mutual exchange, rather than with one person dominating.


  1. Musical Interludes: Have you tried running on a treadmill on the day you forgot your earphones? Not much fun. You probably found you needed the music to spur you on, and you didn’t run as fast or as enthusiastically as usual. Our pleasure centres light up our brain when we listen to music we enjoy. If you can concentrate on work with the radio on, turn that switch- we see it more and more in our serviced offices. If you’re in a busy office, remember headphones can let you enjoy your own style of background sound without inflicting it on everyone else. Maybe all you need is a four minute blast of your favourite song- don’t be shy to crank up the volume and sing along (this is where that homeworking comes into play again!) Never underestimate the power to music to elevate your energy levels to new levels.


Weird and Wonderful Bonus Tips:


  1. Aroma: Citrusy smells and lavender are both very good at reviving the senses, so add some of those scents to your immediate working environment.


  1. Change Your Socks: Yes, we said weird! But a new pair of cotton socks after you’ve walked to work or to the sandwich shop will revive your tired feet. Try it.


  1. Eat Eggs: Protein fills you up better for breakfast than toast and cereal. Eating right means eating more protein as well as incorporating enough B vitamins. You think that extra-large bag of crisps will give you energy. It won’t.


  1. A Little Mild Flirtation: Within normal and respectful boundaries, flirting and joking can be a lot of fun. In a younger office environment it tends to come with the territory. Just another social aspect that’s been missed with everyone working from home this last year and another reason to get back to the office.


  1. Stand On Your Tip-Toes. Roll your feet around. It’s something you probably did all the time as a child and you should get back into the habit whenever you feel fatigued.


We think a lot about energy boosting because we have serviced office clients to keep happy! Our clients love the dynamic and friendly atmosphere in our offices. We also offer fantastic meeting rooms in Wokingham, Berkshire. To enquire, call us on 0118 9778599.

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