As a smaller business or a start-up business, you might lack resources. You probably can’t justify diverting your attention and time away from your product and service delivery. You’re also wary of overcommitting yourself financially or taking a risk on infrastructure. If you identify with these common dilemmas, Mantle offers a whole range of effective, practical solutions: offices, meeting rooms, virtual office services.

We enable you to build a solid professional reputation, inspire your potential clients to trust you, promote your growing business and generate exciting new relationships…..whilst also getting the necessary day-to-day work done. At Mantle we believe that we can only offer the best service to clients if we know their businesses well. So we work in partnership with our clients to provide the necessary assistance to help their businesses grow organically. We’re focused on becoming as familiar with your organisation as we are with our own.

Our experience tells us all businesses are different, and we reflect this in our open and flexible approach. Our clients can pick and choose which services suit their needs, and then add or reduce these over time as their business develops. Managing your non-core activities is what we do best!

“Everyone is looking to stand out from the crowd and draw the right type of attention to their products and services. But no one can run before they can walk. “

Luke Bolt, Managing Director

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