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This is a post- or blog- about post. Because despite the move to all things virtual, physical post remains an important factor to consider for any modern business. Setting up or running a small business means having to decide what you’ll do about physical post, especially if you’ll be working from home.

We’ve been offering post collection alongside our business address service for over a decade now, so we’ve seen how useful it can be to have a reliable collection point away from home. Here are some of the reasons our clients like us to deal with their post.

Keep Your Work Life and Private Life Separate

Your home address should be private, so ensure you are not doing anything that advertises it or draws attention to where you live. Don’t register your company at a home address. Don’t use a home address on your website or business cards. Keeping home and business apart is not only professional, but also reduces security worries. And in the event of unforeseen events like small business disputes, you wouldn’t want to take the risk.

Your Postal Address is Permanent

Every business works better with less admin. Keeping your home address out of the company documents means fewer changes, fewer reprints, fewer hassles if you decide to move house, sell on the business or transfer it to someone else’s day-to-day control. Imagine having to contact every supplier and every client to inform them to send post elsewhere! As a serviced office, we have been here a long time- a steadfast delivery point you can rely on not to change.

Dealing with Parcels

Having to be around to accept delivery can be restrictive. Time is too precious in the day. Establishing an alternative drop-off point is such a convenient way to ensure you receive everything reliably and on time.

Receive Mail Wherever You Are!

Straight to the post box, with complete security. You needn’t ever miss a vital letter, even if you are abroad or travelling for work. A good business centre or serviced office will offer a scan service so important mail can be sent across to you via email, or another preferred means. Mail forwarding is another type of post handling which can be very convenient. Whenever instructed, we will always discuss post with clients. We let them know if the confidential letter they’ve been waiting for has arrived. A personal service without being there in person yourself!

Junk Mail Delegated

Nobody wants a pile of junk mail hitting their doormat every morning. A good virtual office provider will store this for you to collect in one batch (or dispose of it on your instruction), so it’s no longer a daily irritation. We can also discuss ways of sorting through what is, and is not relevant to you.

Here at Mantle, we offer a range of remote office support services to help you wherever you may be! Enquire about our complete list of business address and postal services on 0118 9778599 or via email on

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