The importance of social media for YOUR business

With 3.6 billion social media users worldwide (46% of the population), the importance of using social media within your business is rapidly growing.

I’ve been working as a social media & marketing assistant for Mantle Ltd and our sister company Mass Information Systems, for the last 3 years and have witnessed how social media has not only created new business for our company but also increased the interaction with our current clients.

It’s not just a trend! 

It’s easy for us to think that Social Media is just a platform for younger people to connect, however, its power is a greatly underestimated digital marketing tool and not just a trend. If the correct tools are used there are many benefits to using social media platforms and not just because it’s the ‘in’ thing to use!

Best of all, you can promote your company worldwide just within a few clicks.– making advertising both cheaper & less time-consuming than ever before! 

Making your posts stand out

Companies with active platforms who post regular high-quality content will have greater exposure, more leads and increased traffic to their business websites and services. The simple consistent appearance of your logo is a point of recognition that becomes familiar to potential clients; a powerful visual trigger.

Social media is a valuable and vital part of your business being successful. It is key to give your company as many outlets as possible to increase awareness of your product, event or service; this is known as ‘Social Media Optimisation’.

500 million tweets are sent every day on Twitter, so make sure yours stand out from the crowd. Images are key to boosting your visibility, did you know that posts with attached images get at least 37% more engagement rate!

Hence e-commerce social platforms like Instagram are leading the way, with 83% of their users discovering new products and services on the app. The new ‘Shopping’ feature is a great sales channel for brands to pull consumers in, with 79% of users researching for more information after seeing a product on Instagram. 

Increase your credibility to customers

If you’re presently not a Social Media advocate don’t underestimate its power; its quick to develop and being part of these platforms will definitely increase your credibility to customers. You could be the best company out there, but a potential client first needs to find you, then rapidly connect with you, then know you. It is more likely they will further research into your company and buy into your product or service. In the long term, it will help customers see that you’re current and active which will make you more approachable and increase communications/sales.

In short, social media keeps you connected, manages reputations, helps you understand and connect with your customers and competitors, targets audiences and what is happening around us all. So why not get your company on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Not only can they increase your business presence, but you can keep connected with us here at Mantle Ltd. 

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