I’m an employee, get me out of here!

I have never been so glad to own dogs. Every single day my dogs go to the front door and insist that I take them out for a walk. They have been completely unaware of the pandemic unfolding around them, completely blasé about social distancing and extremely happy to have me home for longer periods of time than before. So every single day before and during the lockdown, and of course, since, my dogs have been at the door, leads and tennis balls at the ready, waiting, impatiently, for their trip to the park.

I now know how they feel, I love my home environment, in fact, that love has grown deeper since March 23rd 2020 as I, along with most of the population, have been busy doing DIY and gardening, hosting my own, personal version of the Changing Rooms programme within my own home and as I type this (guess what? I’m on my sofa!), I observe that my space is very different to how it was pre lockdown, it’s even a different sofa!

However, I’m an employee and I need to get out of my home environment and get back to my office which is equally lovely, painted pink, and full of all the things I need to do my job much more professionally and efficiently and without the backdrop of dogs barking, kids moaning, the daily Amazon delivery, neighbours doing DIY, (OK that was me)! And the best bit? There are other humans there too! I am attached to my dogs but try as I might I have never perfected the art of speaking dog, cat, gecko or hamster and the conversation and interaction have been lacking. I’ve been attempting to learn Spanish during lockdown though, that was one of my personal challenges, watch this space for updates, Hola como estas?

At Mantle we have some great offers for you at the moment, we have offices available for 1-30 people complete with 24/7 access, parking, kitchen facilities, break out areas, meeting rooms and we have other humans in the building! We promise you no barking dogs or moaning kids, just professional, clean, office space for you and your team to work together in, to thrive in and to grow, start or re-grow your business in. We enjoy nothing more than a business success story and we would like to hear and host yours. We would welcome the opportunity to show you around our business centre and chat to you about our current offers and availability. Contact us today for more information.

If you are interested in an inspiring place to work, we can hire you a meeting room or rent you an extremely nice office in Wokingham.  Email us at info@mantleltd.com  or call our Business Centre team on 0118 9778599.

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